Chef Kirsten Helle | Personal chef and nutrition consultant for professional athletes. Beautiful personal chef lost over 100 pounds. Chef spokesperson.
Chef Kirsten Helle is a beautiful chef serving professional athletes and high profile clients. She lost over 100 pounds and shares her inspiring story, healthy recipes and more. Based in Seattle, WA she also consults nationwide, is available as a chef spokesperson and television opportunities.
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Chef Kirsten Helle lost over 100 pounds when she set out to create a healthy new family legacy.

She turned her passion for healthy cooking and exploring culturally rich recipes
into a career as a personal chef for professional athletes and high profile clients.

Whether you are an athlete in training, or the family cook interested in exploring new recipes,
you will discover recipes, meal plans and experiences that help you bring more life to your table!


Chef Kirsten Helle shares recipes to inspire your palate and nourish your body!

Chef Kirsten Helle is a driven entrepreneur with a diverse culinary and professional skill set, inspiring story and ultimately a goal to help people!

She represents real-food brands as a chef spokesperson, develops customized corporate wellness programs, can be found as a food critic or judge, demonstrating cooking techniques at local events, participating in food and health festivals, or in front of a crowd sharing her inspirational story – and delicious meals!

  • Healthier Holiday Options with Chef Kirsten + American Heart Association on Fox News
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  • Delicious Baked Breakfast Apple Crumble Recipe For The American Heart Association +Color Campaign
    This baked breakfast apple crumble recipe I made with the American Heart Association Puget Sound is absolutely delicious. Just like the next-level poa...
  • Roasted Sweet Potato, Spinach and Blue Cheese Salad or Side Dish Recipe
    *This recipe is:  Gluten Free |  High in Fiber | Nourishing | Omit cheese to make Vegan & Paleo Friendly   This easy recipe is one of my cur...
  • How to make delicious and healthy Moroccan Meatballs in a Spicy Harissa Sauce
    *This recipe is:  Gluten Free |  High in Fiber | Nourishing   I'm not saying it's even remotely possible to get sick of eating spaghetti and mea...
  • How to make delicious lettuce wraps with Thai chicken filling
    *This recipe is:  Gluten Free | Grain Free | Heart-Healthy | Low Carb  Lettuce wraps are on menus in many restaurants but my favorite are the Thai c...
  • Spring Strata
    This is a crunchy/custardy Spring Strata I made for my client's Easter spread yesterday. Sort of like a savory bread pudding, I think it is a perfect b...

Chef Kirsten Helle has been featured on Food Network, FOX, NBC, on the cover of Woman’s Day magazine and various other television, radio programs and publications. While not in the kitchen, she works closely with non-profit organizations such as Hopelink and heart-health charities as well as partnering with whole food organizations including Washington Beef Commission and TreeTop.


  • Winner of Food Network’s Guys Grocery Games Episode “Caught In The Middle”
  • Cover of the February 2016 Woman’s Day Magazine heart health feature
  • 2014 Best Food Blog in Seattle as voted in the NBC affiliate Evening Magazine Best of Western Washington polls
  • 2013 American Heart Association Lifestyle Change Award on behalf of the BetterU program


With one of the top food blogs in the Seattle area (Voted Best of Western Washington #1 2014, #2 2013), Chef Kirsten Helle enjoys representing brands as an inspiring chef spokesperson, covering food and health festivals, restaurant openings, private tastings, product launches and more.

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