Chef Kirsten Helle | Sofrito Love – Why sofrito is just about the best thing ever & makes everything more delicious and nutritious
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Sofrito Love – Why sofrito is just about the best thing ever & makes everything more delicious and nutritious

How to make sofrito to make food more delicious and nutritious

Still trying to get your family over to the healthy side?
As a personal chef I work with many families that are just learning to appreciate healthy, unprocessed foods and natural flavors, as well as families that ask me to sneak the vegetables into their children who are not yet willing to dig into their greens, or they’re still picking out the veggies they can see.

Sofrito 2
Two of the ideas that solve these issues every time? Dinner-in-a-bowl (check out my guest post over on the Eating Rule October Unprocessed 2013 Challenge for more about that) and sofrito.


Sofrito is a popular recipe base in Latin American, Portuguese, Haitian and even Valencian cooking. It is basically aromatic vegetables extremely finely minced or pureed and cooked down to create an incredible flavor base to anything you add to it.
I use sofrito for almost everything I cook not only because it adds the depth of flavor to my recipes (the vegetables get sweet, the onions are pungent, the garlic bright), but also because it adds so much nutrition!


I take at least a carrot, bell pepper, tomato, onion, garlic and from there I add whatever else is on hand. Usually I throw in a handful or two of kale, some spinach, fresh herbs, zucchini when it’s in season and hot peppers. The best part is that you just chuck it all into the food processor and blend until very finely minced or slightly pureed. Nobody can pick the veggies out of their meal! Try this for your next batch of spaghetti squash, chili or enchiladas.


What do you think you’ll try sofrito in first?


Cheers, may your day be delicious! 


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