Chef Kirsten Helle | Inspiring 425 Magazine feature and a bit of the day in the life of a personal chef.
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Inspiring 425 Magazine feature and a bit of the day in the life of a personal chef.

I’m so honored to show you the photos and story from the recent 425 Magazine 5-page feature written and photographed by Audra Mulkern (the woman behind The Female Farmer Project and Rooted In The Valley, among many other things) about my story, called {Click to read the story—>} Creating A Recipe For A Better Life.


Audra followed me as I headed out on a typical day, two shopping carts and lists in hand as I shop for the days clients. From there I am off to client one, eat lunch in my car on the way to client two then home to the family for the evening. Most evenings are then spent texting and emailing with clients to design their menus for the next day, prepare the lists and start all over again. Special thanks to my favorite Whole Foods Redmond for allowing us to shoot in the store. The employees are my buddies and I’m always thankful for the great service I get there!


Audra captured not only a bit of the “day in the life” but she also shared my story of overcoming a whole lot in my life – from my 100 pound weight loss, living on a budget of $16 a week (and a few times not having anything to eat at all for a couple of days), winding up at a women’s domestic violence shelter with my 2 kids, building my business and where I am now – running a successful brand and being a personal chef and nutrition consultant to professional athletes and high profile clients, having been on the Food Network and continuing to grow the brand to help reach new people and new heights, helping people all over the world bring more life to their table.


The feature is in the May/June 2015 425 Magazine, hope you check it out!


You can find one of my recipes for the #1 requested dish from some of my Seattle Seahawk clients, my Baked Fried Chicken recipe over here!

baked fried chicken


Thank you Audra and 425 Magazine for capturing my journey and allowing it to inspire others to be brave, fight hard, work hard and always believe in and work towards the light at the end of the tunnel. 


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