Chef Kirsten Helle | Heart-Healthy Recipe Makeover – Chicken Spaghetti
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Heart-Healthy Recipe Makeover – Chicken Spaghetti

Heart-Healthy Recipe Makeover – Chicken Spaghetti

My cover sister from the February 2016 Woman’s Day magazine Jessica Larche asked me if I could give a heart-healthy makeover to a chicken spaghetti recipe her co-anchor shared a couple of weeks back.


Heart Health guide Chef K Jessica

Womans Day cover



The original recipe actually looked and I’m sure tasted great, but it was full of Velveeta, plain pasta, a sodium-laden rotisserie chicken and worst of all – canned cream soup!



I knew I could do better nutrition wise, but hopefully also hit a home-run when it comes to flavor!



Did Jessica, Blaine and the rest of the crew like the recipe? Find out here:



Give the recipe a try and see for yourself! You’ll learn some tips to keep sodium and calories low and flavor high! Make sure you share with us on Facebook ( or tag us on Instagram ( | and let us know how you liked it!




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