Chef Kirsten Helle | Thai Lettuce Wraps Recipe
How to make healthy and delicious Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps
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How to make delicious lettuce wraps with Thai chicken filling

How to make delicious lettuce wraps with Thai chicken filling

*This recipe is: 

Gluten Free | Grain Free | Heart-Healthy | Low Carb 

Lettuce wraps are on menus in many restaurants but my favorite are the Thai chicken (or beef) version. I love to make them myself because I can control the salt and bump up the vegetables.  I get to enjoy a big delicious mound of the flavorful goodness while knowing that the calories aren’t piling up. *Don’t skimp on the fresh herbs! They are not just for garnish, they are essential to the amazing flavor while also bumping up the nutrition!


How to make healthy Thai chicken lettuce wraps

Eating lettuce wraps is a fun experience at the family table too! Having all of the ingredients prepped before makes this come together really quick, cooking in less than 15 minutes!

Fresh herbs for Thai lettuce wraps


Here is my easy, nutritious recipe that I hope you’ll enjoy soon. Let me know if you try them and how you liked them!


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