Chef Kirsten Helle | Healthier Holiday Options with Chef Kirsten + American Heart Association on Fox News
Chef Kirsten Helle joins with the American Heart Association's Plus Color campaign, sponsored by Subway. Here are tips for healthier holidays!
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Healthier Holiday Options with Chef Kirsten + American Heart Association on Fox News

Healthier Holiday Options with Chef Kirsten + American Heart Association on Fox News



I had the honor to partner with the American Heart Association Puget Sound and Subway on their PlusColor campaign again, this time bringing a healthy holiday spread to the Seattle Q13 Fox news station. (See our other videos for a breakfast apple crumble and the original recipe for the poached pears too!)

The holidays often revolve around food with most holiday tables filled with chips, dips, cookies and crackers. Most of us fall short of our 4-5 servings of produce a day, especially this time of year. Enjoying more produce not only helps you make it through the holidays without gaining too much weight, helps you fight off infections, it truly does help you live a longer, more vibrant life!

Watch the video here, via host Marni Hughes’ Facebook page:



Here are some of my favorite tips to add a little more color to your holiday spread:

  1. Make a fruit-based dessert. Pumpkin pie, our poached pears with cool vanilla ice cream, cranberry-berry crumble, apple crostada are great choices! Make these homemade so you can cut back on the salt and sugar a bit. Most recipes are plenty sweet and taste even better with a little less sugar.
  2. I’ve never seen anyone pass by a caprese platter without popping one in their mouth! Tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella on a fun skewer or toothpick is beautiful and appealing. Make it a little healthier by adding a little piece of bell pepper to the end for an extra boost of color, sweetness and vitamins, then cut the piece of mozzarella a bit smaller so you can eat several of these little nutritious, delicious bites, without having too much sodium.
  3. A vegetable platter is often ignored. Instead, make a beautiful platter of roasted vegetables. Squash, onions, asparagus, carrots, bell peppers are all great choices. People tend to bypass a mix of vegetables if they don’t like one ingredient in the mix. Instead, arrange the vegetables beautifully in rows so people can take just what they want. Leftovers can be pureed with broth for a warm and hearty soup the next day, or bake up with whisked eggs in an easy frittata. It’s at two-for-one recipe!
  4. Get the kids involved! Have them arrange broccoli and tomatoes into a wreath or Christmas tree pattern. This not only makes a fun activity, it also makes an ordinary veggie tray more inviting to eat. Set out a healthy yogurt-based ranch dip and munch away!
  5. Take advantage of pre-chopped vegetables. This time of year is so busy, give yourself a little break. It makes it easier to enjoy a vegetable frittata or scramble for breakfast, a hearty salad for lunch and a big side of roasted veggies for dinner. You’ll be able to enjoy the treats of the holidays in moderation and get through the holidays a little healthier!

+Color: We encourage you to enjoy one more color a day to your current diet. This small change can really add up to a healthier heart! “One cup every day extra for the next 20 years, that’s a whole lot of nutrition,” said Lanette Kovachi, R.D.N., head global dietitian for +color sponsor Subway.


Find out more about the American Heart Association +Color campaign here and get heart health tips and more delicious, colorful recipes here!


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