Chef Kirsten Helle | 5 Day “Kick Your Cravings and Healthify Your Body” Meal Plan!
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5 Day “Kick Your Cravings and Healthify Your Body” Meal Plan!

5 day Kick Your Cravings Meal PlanLimited time only – 20% off!

This easy to follow, delicious meal plan can help you:

  • Kick your cravings
  • Stabilize your blood sugar
  • Reduce belly bloat
  • Detoxify your body
  • Experience more energy
  • Get back on track!

I lost 100 pounds and have kept it off for over 6 years by quarterly re-setting my system with this delicious, easy plan. It is a HUGE reason I was able to finally get rid of my cravings and how I get back on track a few times per year.

Even better? With my easy to follow plan of action and delicious recipes, you make everything you need for 5 days…in ONE HOUR!

You will be enjoying a delicious menu that is dairy free, gluten free and gives your body a break from animal protein, artificial ingredients, and added sugar. You will be eating every 3-4 hours so you should never go hungry. You will be enjoying pure, whole food: fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, low glycemic carbohydrate, nuts and seeds.

I’ve designed a menu with recipes that are delicious and you will look forward to! You will not feel like you are depriving yourself – you will be treating your body to a 5 day healthy food indulgence!

 Here is a peak at the amazing menu you will be enjoying:

Thick & Rich Black Bean Stew, Hearty Winter Vegetable Stew, Homemade Marinara with Quinoa and Flavorful Roasted Vegetables, Apple & Cinnamon Oats, Mesa de Vida’s Famous Hummus….and more!

This plan is simple! I have created it for ease as well as deliciousness! You will cook a batch of amazing meals the day before you start your program – includes step-by-step videos and easy recipes for breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners that anyone can prepare! You will be prepared for the week ahead and get to simply enjoy your meals and snacks for the 5 days, everything will be finished.


“Successfully completed the “5 Day Kick Your Cravings and Healthify Your Body” plan. Feeling more balanced, finding more plant based foods to be delicious, able to control my sugar cravings, and a bonus…lost 9 lbs and a pants size! Just 5 days. THANK YOU, Chef Kirsten. Your inspiration, knowledge, personal successes, and passion to share good health with others has been incredibly helpful to me. As I continue healthifying my life, your menus and insight will always be a part of it. :)”

“I just finished the 5 day detox! I lost 4lbs and a couple inches around the middle! It was so easy, good and filling! I actually have tons of food left over. I will be doing this program again for sure, thanks for the awesome recipes, inspiration, and program!”

“Day 3 of 5 of Mesa de Vida’s Kick Your Cravings to the Curb meal plan. Shopped on Day 0, cooked the week’s worth of food in a couple of hours on the morning of Day 1 and have been doing great for the last few days. Feels great to give myself a break from any form of processed food and fuel with real, healthy fare. The recipes are delicious and were super easy to make. If you need to kick start a healthier way of eating or get back on track, I highly recommend you check it out. Cheers to our health!”

“I just lost 5 pounds in 5 days, feel lighter, healthier and ready to stick with my healthy lifestyle using more of Mesa de Vida’s recipes!”

Get ready to indulge your body!


  • Action plan that is simple and easy to follow
  • Tips to help you succeed
  • Motivation
  • 5 day meal plan including all of your meals and snacks
  • Grocery list organized by store location
  • Delicious, chef-designed recipes that will get you through the week and you can use again and again!
  • What to do on Day 6 – and the rest of your life! Tips and resources to continue on with your healthy lifestyle!

Get healthy –  get nourished – get rid of belly bloat – get rid of cravings – get on track!

This is a program I developed for my personal chef clients to help them kick their cravings and get on track. I use it a few times a year (part of my plan that helped me lose over 100 pounds) when I feel my cravings coming back. You can use it again and again!

Download your e-book formatted plan now – download immediately –  for only $19.99!  Limited time only, 20% off! Get your plan to keep forever and use as many times as you like for only $16.00! This is a HUGE value for such a small investment!

Buy Now

  • In the Seattle/Bellevue area? Chef Kirsten is available  for personal chef service to assist you with meal prep! Allow me to do all of the shopping, chopping, prep work, cooking and packaging for you! I have cooked for “A-list” celebrities and would LOVE to be your chef also!
  • This plan is vegan/vegetarian and gluten free.
Frequently Asked Questions:
“Do I have to eat the meals in the exact order?”
  • No, you don’t! If you want to swap out any meal, go for it!
“How do I clean a Portobello mushroom?”
  • Check out this tutorial here!
“What is the average cost for groceries for this plan?”
  • The grocery cost depends on how well stocked your pantry is, where you shop, if you shop in the bulk food department, etc. I purchase the groceries for my plan for around $80. Others tell me between $90-100, some say as low as $60. Remember, this is EVERYTHING you will need for 5+ days of all meals and snacks! PLUS you will most likely have a few meals leftover that you can freeze to continue on with your healthy lifestyle after the 5 days! For about $16 per day….this is very affordable!

Once you purchase you will be taken to a link to download your products. Be aware some pop-up software blocks this action. Email if you do not receive your link immediately.

*This plan includes nuts/seeds/tomato products/other allergens. Email me if you have any questions.

Problems? Questions? Reach Chef Kirsten at


No refunds.

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