Chef Kirsten Helle | Chef Kirsten Helle, personal chef to professional athletes, celebrity chef, lost over 100 pounds. Healthy cooking demonstrations and keynote speeches
Chef Kirsten Helle is a personal chef to professional athletes and herself has lost over 100 pounds. She represents brands as a chef spokesperson, offers healthy cooking demonstrations, corporate wellness programs, works with professional sports teams and gives inspiring keynote speeches on lifestyle transformation and overcoming.
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Chef Spokesperson, Corporate Wellness, Demos & Speeches



I am available to work with brands that share my passion for healthy, real food and align with my compelling, inspiring story. I have worked with the Washington Beef Commission, Tree Top, American Heart Association, Terrain Seattle pizza oven line including recipe development, on camera representation, workshops/demos, voice talent for commercials.

With a background in nutrition, skills as a chef and recipe developer, in addition to my “infectious, friendly personality and approachable, easy-to-relate-to story”, I can be the professional face to represent your real-food based brand or product!


“Chef Kirsten is hands down one of my favorite people to work with because she exemplifies everything we look for in a partner. Kirsten is passionate and authentic. She truly cares about helping others build healthy lifestyles and that authenticity is clear to the audience she is reaching. Kirsten is talented and flexible….”(read more client testimonies)



Create a healthier work force and reduce unhealthy lifestyles while increasing company synergy (and energy!). I will create a customized program starting with assessing what your employee’s/company’s needs are, customize employee workshops, lunch & learns, healthy food events, group activities, incentives, newsletters and more.



Chef Kirsten has given cooking demonstrations and healthy lifestyle talks at companies such as Microsoft and Pike Place Atrium Kitchen for assorted non-profits and other organizations.


“Your strength and spirit shine and I believe you touched everyone in a very special way.”

“…not only are you a delight, your story is so authentic and relatable.”


  • Healthy cooking (topics can be designed to specifications).
  • Eat Like A Champ – Recipes and strategies for athletes. Customized for age, sport and professional athletes or amateurs.
  • Bringing inspiration from around the globe to your table.
  • Healthy menu planning strategies and how to shop for and plan a healthy pantry.




  • Creating a Healthy Family Legacy…deliciously.
  • Creating a Recipe for a Better Life – How healthy food can truly change a life. My story of overcoming a whole lot in my life – from my 100 pound weight loss, living on a budget of $16 a week (and a few times not having anything to eat at all for a couple of days), winding up at a women’s domestic violence shelter with my 2 kids, building my business and where I am now – running a successful brand and being a personal chef and nutrition consultant to professional athletes and high profile clients, having been on the Food Network and continuing to grow the brand to help reach new people and new heights, helping people all over the world bring more life to their table.




  • Food & drink events
  • Health events



Recipe development, private cooking lessons and nutrition consulting.


For inquiries or to reach out to Chef Kirsten please contact


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