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January Challenge

Sign up for the January Challenge! Let’s do this!

Are you ready to give up the dieting roller coaster? Ready to learn to eat to live with the focus on living the longest, healthiest, most vibrant life possible? Ready to allow your body to get to a healthy weight, be strong and fit with mental clarity and focus? Ready to do this not only for yourself but for your family also? If you have children I think we owe it to them to feed them properly and allow them to grow up with the foundation of knowing how to take care of their bodies properly.

The things I’m asking people to commit to for January:

      1. Cut out sugar (I will send in the newsletter information on why I believe this is so important)
      2. Make at least 3 homemade, healthy, unprocessed meals a week for their family (I will send in the newsletter healthy recipes to spur your imagination)!
      3. Sit down once a week for 30 minutes to plan out the meals/snacks for the week and only shop for what is on that list.


It isn’t hard, I will be supporting/encouraging/providing delicious recipes/menu plans along the way!

I want to share with you the secret that helped me lose 100 pounds, lower my blood pressure and cholesterol levels, stabilize my blood sugar, get to a healthy weight and stop the dieting roller coaster: The secret is learning to eat the proper foods, in the proper amounts, give my body what it needs and enjoy delicious food!
I still enjoy cake at a birthday party, treats at a holiday celebration, a fabulous meal out with friends without worrying about the calories or feeling guilt. Day to day I eat amazing food that keeps me full, keeps me focused, satisfied and enjoying every bite!
The best part? I am doing the same thing for my children, doing my part to give them the best chance at a long healthy life.
Join me today and I will send you twice a week encouragement, information about healthy eating and delicious, easy recipes to help you on your journey. FREE!
I believe starting out the year with this information will help you for the rest of the year, make this the year you finally get healthy and fit!
It isn’t about getting skinny….its about health.
Do it for you. Do it for your family. JUST DO IT! 🙂
Sign up for the January Challenge! Let's do this!

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