Chef Kirsten Helle | Kick Your Metabolism Into Gear With Mesa de Vidas Metabolic Meal Plan!
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Kick Your Metabolism Into Gear With Mesa de Vidas Metabolic Meal Plan!

Have you been working out but not getting the results you want? Are you at a weight loss plateau? Starting a healthy lifestyle and want a week of delicious, healthy meals and snacks to get you on the right track?

This is the plan for you!

Want to kick your metabolism into gear? Shed some extra weight? Eat REAL, pure food that tastes delicious?

This is the plan for you!

I designed this 5-day meal plan with top trainers to go hand in hand with a boot camp or other kick-your-rear workout plan. This menu gives you energy to get through the toughest workouts! Even if you aren’t on a strict workout plan, this menu can still help you shed some excess weight, have 5 days of no sugar or processed ingredients, reduce belly bloat and experience 5 days of stable blood sugar. If you’ve been eating well but have hit a plateau – this plan can get you shedding excess weight again!


  • Immediate download after purchase
  • 5-day menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks (you will be eating every 3 hours) with recipes that are delicious, chef designed and amazing!
  • Grocery list organized by store location – everything you need for 5 days!
  • Recipes that you can use again and again
  • What to eat on Day 6…and the rest of your life!
The food for this meal plan is based on proven foods to kick your metabolism into high gear. It includes lean protein, healthy fats, lots of vegetables, fruit and complex carbohydrates – just enough to keep you fueled. No processed foods, no dairy, just pure, delicious, natural food.
The difference about this plan? It is chef designed by Chef Kirsten! Created to make you excited about the meals you will be having, created to be interesting, created to flow perfectly so you are not cooking for hours every day, created to teach you some new recipes, techniques in the kitchen and get you results!

Purchase now for only $14.95 and download your plan immediately!


In the Seattle/Bellevue area? Chef Kirsten is available  for personal chef service to assist you with meal prep! Allow me to do all of the shopping, chopping, prep work, cooking and packaging for you! I have cooked for “A-list” celebrities and would LOVE to be your chef also! Contact me at


Continue on with your healthy lifestyle – I have more tools to help you make this a permanent lifestyle and change your life forever! Check out my Menus by Mesa de Vida weekly healthy meal plan as well as my personal journey and program I developed to lose 100 pounds: Lifestyle Transformation with Chef Kirsten – 6 Proven Steps To Transform Your Body Forever! I also have a 5-day “Kick Your Cravings and Healthify Your Body” meal plan. I want to help you reach your goals!

Once you purchase you will be taken to a link to download your products. Be aware some pop-up software blocks this action. Email if you do not receive your link immediately.

(*The recipes in this entire plan are gluten free.)

(*This plan includes nuts/seeds/dairy (limited amounts you may leave out)/tomato products/other allergens. Email me if you have any questions.)

Problems? Questions? Reach Chef Kirsten at


No refunds.


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