Chef Kirsten Helle | Lifestyle Transformation with Chef Kirsten – 6 Proven Steps To Help You Transform Your Body Forever!
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Lifestyle Transformation with Chef Kirsten – 6 Proven Steps To Help You Transform Your Body Forever!

You did not come across this by accident…

This is the time. The time to get healthy – once and for all.

The time to quit dieting. Quit counting calories. The time to instead make your health a priority.

Time to take care of YOU. To learn how to care for your body, your health and to create a long, vibrant life to do the amazing things you are put on this earth to do!

Create a legacy of health for your family and generations to come – I can show you how!

This is how I got healthy and gained a whole new confidence. How I lost and keep off over 100 pounds. This is NOT a diet. This is a lifelong approach to health and the tools I use to create the healthy life of my dreams. I want to share these simple steps and what I have learned along the way. I want to help YOU create the healthy life of your dreams.

I’ve been there most of my life. I tried diet after diet. Counted calories, spent thousands of dollars buying quick fixes that never helped me do anything but lose some weight only go gain it back. I know what it is like to feel like it can never happen. It can. Let me show you how!

I hope to inspire you – by sharing my personal story – to create your “aha” moment, your personal breakthrough and have you healthy, fit and vibrant for life!

Read an excerpt here.

This plan  for you to download immediately, keep and access whenever you need it includes:

  • My personal story and journey to losing over 100 pounds, sharing what “clicked” for me, once and for all. Helping YOU to create your breakthrough!
  • My 6 proven SIMPLE steps to help you transform your body forever. 
  • My philosophy on balanced nutrition and eating to diminish your risk of diet related disease. My approach that can help you shed excess weight, control your cravings and reduce your risk of diet related disease.
  • My personal daily delicious menu.
  • Meal planning help.
  • Tips to help you change your relationship to food and cooking.
  • My pantry and refrigerator staples with BONUS printable shopping list to use over and over.
  • My philosophy on exercise.
  • BONUS FREE download of my  5-day “Kick Your Cravings and Healthify Your Body” Meal Plan!
  • Learn my secrets to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle while still enjoying special occasions, nights out with friends and living life to the fullest!
  • The tools you need to do this for a lifetime. No more dieting! 

Now is YOUR time!

Whether your goal is to shed a lot or a little weight, get healthy or simply learn how to bring healthy meals to your family table and teach your kids healthy lifestyle habits, purchasing this plan – that you can access anytime you want for the rest of your life, can change your life forever!

Buy now for only $39.99 and don’t spend another dime on diet products or programs again! You are worth it!

This plan gives you all of the tools you need – don’t waste your money on another diet plan!

Nothing to subscribe to, nothing else to buy – simply purchase now, get your link to download immediately and start your healthy lifestyle with the tools you need to shed excess weight and get healthy forever!

Let me help you reach your goals too!

~Chef Kirsten

Personal Chef, Nutrition Consultant, Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist

Owner/Chef Mesa de Vida


What people are saying about this program:

“I am feeling so much more energized, clean, and rejuvenated since using your recipes and plans. I still have about 30 lbs I’d like to lose…and it seems to be coming off the more healthy I eat, and the less I stress about the weight. I used to think pushing myself harder and harder with workouts was the way to accomplish my weight loss goals, but that didn’t actually get me very far. These days, I don’t feel like it’s necessary for me to be so crazy about the process. I just want to continue to eat clean, and enjoy being active every day with things I like to do (playing with my kiddos, walking, playing Kinect dance games with my family, takings stairs instead of elevators, parking far enough away from stores so I walk more, etc.). This way is benefitting me so much more! I love it, and I love seeing the weight finally beginning to leave me.

You were a key person in helping me come to a clear understanding about what a healthier BALANCE looked like. I feel like I’m truly healthifying my life every day, every moment, every step now. A million thanks, friend!  This journey continues…”


Continue on with your healthy lifestyle – I have more tools to help you make this a permanent lifestyle and change your life forever! Check out my Menus by Mesa de Vida weekly healthy meal plan as well as my Mesa de Vidas Metabolic Meal Plan!

No refunds.


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