Chef Kirsten Helle | Create a healthy new family legacy with nourishment consulting from Chef Kirsten
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Create a healthy new family legacy with nourishment consulting from Chef Kirsten

  • Does your family need a health makeover?
  • Are you passing down the same unhealthy legacy to YOUR family?
  • Don’t know where to start?
  • Are you ready to create a healthy new family legacy that helps your entire family get healthier for good?
  • Do you want to give your kids strong roots for their own healthy lives?

I’d love to help you not just learn what to eat and how to cook it but HOW to eat and how to make living a healthy lifestyle your new second nature. 

Family Nutrition Consulting From Chef Kirsten

Testimony: “That day changed my life– I’ve incorporated so many healthy eating habits based on that day. Thanks so much.”

You’re ready. You deserve better than what you’ve been giving yourself. Your family deserves better. You want to re-write the legacy of your family to one of health, in a real-life way. Maybe, like me, you want to end the cycle of diet and lifestyle-related disease in your own family. You just don’t know where to start. You hate cooking or don’t have the time. You don’t know how to shop for healthy foods. You don’t want another diet. You want to do it right from here on out.

Write your new healthy family legacyI have created a program just for you that goes above and beyond just nutrition consulting. We are going to create YOUR new healthy family legacy!

Healthy food, home cooked meals at the family table, an affordable food budget, a new family legacy, a nourishing, warm kitchen – if this is what you want, but don’t know where to start, THIS is for you!

I have been on the other end of the spectrum. I was 100 pounds overweight with a family legacy of heart disease, other diet-related diseases and ultimately early death. I didn’t know where to start. I wanted better but didn’t have the knowledge. I wanted to get off of the diet roller coaster. I wanted better for my children. (Oh yeah, it had to be delicious too, otherwise, FORGET IT!) 

I changed my life and re-created my family legacy. I am proud of how I nourish my family…deliciously of course! I created a new family legacy, giving my kids strong roots for their own healthy lives. I know this new story not only changed our lives, but likely generations to come. (One more pretty cool thing that happened: this lifestyle also helped me shed over 100 pounds…while eating real, delicious food, no deprivation or dieting!)

I love sharing this passion and knowledge with others who are ready to create a healthy new lifestyle for good!

Nutrition Consulting For Families Seattle Chef KirstenExcerpt from the book, where you will write your new family legacy:

“Likely, you are a mom. This is who I am reaching out to. (If you’re not, this is still for you too!) I feel the family legacy starts with mom. Statistically, you are the role model for the family when it comes to lifestyle habits. Even in this day and age, Mom is the one who mainly does the shopping and cooking, or makes the decisions about who does. In this culture, Mom is usually the one on a diet, or depriving herself, or setting the example of improper eating or, a less-than healthy lifestyle. Maybe you’re a mom that has a very healthy lifestyle, but you just want to start to learn to plan meals better so your family eats out or goes through the drive-thru less. Perhaps you’re the mom that lives a wonderful, healthy life but STILL pulls the kids through the drive-thru for many of their meals. Either way, it all starts with you mom. This is great because after going through this program, you will be the one responsible for re-writing a lifestyle legacy that you can be proud of. Likely, you will help add not only years to your life, but also your children’s, spouse’s and further generation’s lives as well.”

Do you want to:

  • break your family history of heart disease, other diet-related disease and early death
  • create a new legacy for your family to one of health and wellness, giving your children the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle to carry with them for life
  • learn how to love the act of nourishing yourself and your family, to find the passion in cooking and enjoying delicious, homemade meals more often…to bring more life to your table
  • stop living on processed foods, fake diet food, takeout or spending hours per day at a restaurant when you’d rather be home enjoying your family
  • learn easy steps and strategies to start living a healthier life, for a healthy tomorrow
  • learn to be a kitchen rock star, even if you think you can’t cook (with my background as a personal chef, you KNOW it’s going to taste good!)
  • discover quick & healthy meals that you can throw together in minutes (you DON’T have to be master chef!)
  • learn menu planning strategies for YOUR lifestyle
  • learn how to navigate the grocery store…and learn how to not hate to shop!
  • create the most gorgeous, well stocked pantry and refrigerator ready for healthy meals, anytime

Nutrition Consulting for families Seattle Bellevue

If so, I am here to help you create your NEW healthy family legacy! 

Schedule your session with me and your book will be on its way. During our sessions we will go through the program together and create your new family legacy. We will go through:

  • mindset transformationWho are you going to do it for
  • how to find your motivation
  • breaking through barriers
  • nourishment basics to live for a healthy future (NOT to be skinny – no more diets!)
  • how to learn to love to nourish
  • how to properly plan, shop for and prepare healthy, quick meals your family will love. Want to be a rock star in the kitchen or just learn how to make healthier meals that fit into your lifestyle? We’ll make it happen…deliciously
  • getting back on track and living the legacy
  • we will also create a personalized lifestyle plan for YOU based on your goals

While spending this time with you, I will get to know you. My calm, gentle presence and down to earth, friendly demeanor will make you feel at ease and together, a plan of action will be created. We will prepare your customized, realistic lifestyle plan to help you reach your goals and change the history of your family forever!

Create a new healthy family legacy with Chef Kirsten, Mesa de Vida

In person nutrition consulting services

-6 hour session in your home with Chef Kirsten to help you create a new healthy family legacy. You will go through the entire program together, shop together, cook together, prepare meals together and more.

-Shopping lesson, pantry and refrigerator makeover tips, cooking lesson.

-2 custom designed meals (based on consultation, groceries included) prepared together to teach you my secrets to helping anyone become a better cook.

-Recipe booklet with 5 custom designed recipes for you to keep.

-Complete program with worksheets to refer to as we continue your consulting sessions and to keep forever.

-6 follow up 1 hour consulting sessions, one per week for 6 weeks via phone/Skype. Unlimited support via email for 6 months.

-6 month membership to Menus by Mesa de Vida.

-All together, over 12 hours of consulting and a personalized program to help you create your new healthy family legacy!

Virtual nutrition consulting

-7, 1 hour sessions over 7 weeks via phone/Skype.

-Cooking, shopping and pantry makeover tips – yep, we still do those! You will “come into” my kitchen virtually and get a “private” cooking lesson!

-Recipe booklet with 5 custom designed recipes for you to keep.

-Complete program with worksheets to refer to as we continue your consulting sessions and to keep forever.

-Unlimited support via email for 6 months.

-3 month membership to Menus by Mesa de Vida.

-All together, over 7 hours of consulting and a personalized program to help you create your new healthy family legacy!

(I have a 2 hour consulting package available too if you want to experience this program but your budget is a little tighter. Let me know if this may be something you’re interested in. I want to help everyone I can!)

Find Out More Apply

Contact Chef Kirsten and schedule your session. Make an investment in the health of your family and let’s create YOUR new healthy family legacy! 

Enter your information here and lets discuss your needs!

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