Chef Kirsten Helle | Personal chef to professional athletes, chef spokesperson, beautiful chef that lost over 100 pounds.
Chef Kirsten Helle is a personal chef to professional athletes and chef spokesperson. She lost over 100 pounds by creating a healthy new family legacy and shares delicious, vibrant, real-food recipes to help others bring life to their table!
chef to athletes, chef that lost a lot of weight, chef spokesperson, healthy chef,
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Micheal Bennett Fridge
Personal Chef for Professional Athletes

Chef Kirsten is a highly respected personal chef, serving private clients including A-list celebrities and professional athletes, including several Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawk & NBA players and their families. Also serving high-profile clients. She custom designs recipes, nutrition plans and menus for each client, often working with naturopaths, doctors or trainers to design a clients perfect menu, becoming part of the “team” supporting her clients healthy, delicious lifestyles.

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Chef Spokesperson, Cooking Demonstrations, Keynote Speeches & Events

I am a driven entrepreneur with a diverse culinary and professional skill set, inspiring story and ultimately my goal is to help others.

With 9 years of professional experience as a chef, a wide variety of nutrition education, combined with my life experiences of overcoming obstacles (100 pound weight loss, food addiction, domestic violence, poverty) I am the fresh, friendly and inspiring “ingredient” that may be just what is needed for your brand or company.

I am available as a Chef Spokesperson for brands that share my passion for healthy, real food. With a background in nutrition, skills as a chef and recipe developer, in addition to my “infectious, friendly personality and approachable, easy-to-relate-to story”, I can be the professional face to represent your real-food based brand or product!

I share my knowledge and experience through cooking demonstrations as well as keynote speeches touching on topics such as nutrition and food insecurity. I also participates in events that celebrate food and healthy living.

Come and see how I can help you!

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