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Testimonials & Accolades

I have received so many kind words from my clients, I appreciate them so much! I aim to give above 100% satisfaction and always exceed expectations….and for this to show in my work and relationships. Here are some kind words…

“Thanks for helping me reach another level of success this season, means a lot.” Michael Bennett, DE, Super Bowl Champion, Seattle Seahawks

“Kirsten Helle serves up far more than food. She ladles out health and nutrition, deliciousness, beauty, and most of all heart. I’ve worked with countless caterers and chefs, but her work was like gift. Yes, delicious meals. Yes, competitive pricing. Yes, gorgeous display. Even more, a smile and presence that made everything that much tastier, that much more enjoyable, that much more decadent. I cannot recommend her highly enough – as personal chef, as caterer, as health coach. Hire her. Get to know her. Love her. How could you not? Ronna Detrick, M.Div., Writer & Speaker”

“I really love to eat healthy and can cook a few basics, but Chef Kirsten gave me the tools and skills I really needed to be able to flourish in the kitchen and get creative! She showed me some basic pointers that have already made a HUGE difference in the way I prepare the recipes she taught me and some of the things I like to cook on the regular, too. I never knew how EASY some of these dishes could be, especially a couple of the white fish recipes that Kirsten showed me – she made me look like a pro in a matter of hours!”

“I LOVE the meals!  Really, each of them are fantastic.  It’s wonderful not to have to think about when to cook and to have just delicious, healthy food available.”

“…It was an outstanding experience, from start to end. Communicating with her was easy and always timely. She did everything she said she would in the manner described. She listened to our needs and preferences and produced a meal plan very quickly and then cheerfully customized them further for us. On the day of the cooking itself, I could not believe how easy it was for me. She let herself in, found everything in my kitchen that she needed (only storage containers as she brings all her equipment) and left me 5 beautifully prepared meals ready to freeze or reheat for the next week. I came home to an immaculate kitchen and a house smelling of home cooking. She left me perfect, concise instructions (i.e., not confusing at all) about the prepared meals and the grocery bill (love the transparency of that) along with neatly labeled bulk spice bags. We immediately dined on the first dish and it was a hit with everyone in the family, with my children exclaiming how good the dish was. Everything she made was gluten-free and used only organic and natural ingredients – nothing processed or artificial! Even her tuna is made from scratch – she poaches fresh ahi tuna for you. Just wonderful and we will be sticking with her for sure. Thank you, Chef Kirsten!”

…”heartfelt thanks to you for all your yummy food, loving support, warm hugs and kind words this last year!”

“Just wanted to tell you how excited I am about your recipes! I’m losing weight, loving the food and feeling great!!! I just had the kickin chicken chili….YUM! I’m actually not interested in packaged foods or sugary foods like I usually am. I really feel like I’m changing the way that I look at food. I now want things that are good for my body. Thanks so much for your help.”

“I’m preparing my meals for the 5 day cleanse today. Looking forward to it! I’ve been feeling better thanks to your recipes and excercise. I never feel like I’m starving myself. Just eating cleaner/healthier. The way it should be. I highly recommend your plan to everyone interested in making a lifestyle change. This is something you can stick to. It’s makes cooking in the kitchen fun, and the fact that I’m feeding my family nutritious meals is a huge bonus. Thank you Kirsten!”

“Day 3 of 5 of Mesa de Vida‘s Kick Your Cravings to the Curb meal plan. Shopped on Day 0, cooked the week’s worth of food in a couple of hours on the morning of Day 1 and have been doing great for the last few days. Feels great to give myself a break from any form of processed food and fuel with real, healthy fare. The recipes are delicious and were super easy to make. If you need to kick start a healthier way of eating or get back on track, I highly recommend you check it out. Cheers to our health!”

“I am feeling so much more energized, clean, and rejuvenated since using your recipes and plans. I still have about 30 lbs I’d like to lose…and it seems to be coming off the more healthy I eat, and the less I stress about the weight. I used to think pushing myself harder and harder with workouts was the way to accomplish my weight loss goals, but that didn’t actually get me very far. These days, I don’t feel like it’s necessary for me to be so crazy about the process. I just want to continue to eat clean, and enjoy being active every day with things I like to do (playing with my kiddos, walking, playing Kinect dance games with my family, takings stairs instead of elevators, parking far enough away from stores so I walk more, etc.). This way is benefitting me so much more! I love it, and I love seeing the weight finally beginning to leave me. You were a key person in helping me come to a clear understanding about what a healthier BALANCE looked like. I feel like I’m truly healthifying my life every day, every moment, every step now. A million thanks, friend!  This journey continues…”

“I have said it before… Your meals are amazing. I wont have any trouble with eating healthy. I am sooo glad I found you”


“The menu was just what I was looking for, the quality of the food was superb, and your service was definitely excellent…”


“The food was beyond amazing”


“I just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying the food and convenience of being able to eat healthy, wholesome meals without having to stress about finding the time to shop and cook.  I calculated the time that I put into work last week (44 hours) and school (36 hours) and realized that it’s no wonder I feel busy – I AM busy!  With 80 hours of work/school per week, if I hadn’t found Mesa de Vida, I know that I’d be eating a bunch of takeout and convenience food and not feeling very good about myself.  So thank you! ”


“Everything on your FB page, website, newsletter and meal plans look so fresh, healthy AND fabulous – and I love that you use ingredients that are real, whole, natural foods, commonly found in stores and recipes that are not so difficult that only the most gourmet/skilled chefs dare try. Real food for real people with real schedules.”


“The food is wonderful. I just can’t get over how much my husband loves everything he has tried. He said the burritos “are to die for”. I just never thought he would eat “healthy” and like it. For that matter, neither did I. The Blueberry Muffins are good. I have one every night when I get home from work. So far I have had the lasagna and chicken pot pie….love it. It is so nice not feeling deprived while on this diet. Thanks again for all your hard work.” (From a customer following a gluten free diet)


“Dear Kirsten,Your meals are amazing! I LOVE every one of them. The meatloaf is to die for. I am so happy for you that you are doing what you love. Your wonderful at it. Thanks so much”


“Thanks again for your exquisite service…I would like to say again how much your food was enjoyed and if I could ask a bit of your time again for the tzatziki sauce for the cousin, and for me I should know all about lasagna but yours was the best I have ever tasted. It wasn’t overly saucy and the seasoning and the meat was so good. We loved sitting out here on the back porch devouring it with pleasure one evening”…


“Your spaghetti and meatballs are the best I have ever tasted in my life” (Organic and lean meatballs, whole wheat pasta and fresh marinara sauce)


“Since starting with you our mealtime with the family has become a pleasure, you save us so much time and the food is amazing!”


“Kirsten is a competent and gentle presence in the kitchen. Her menu ideas are thoughtful and well-suited for our students’ needs. Her meals are healthy and nutritious and yet she is also aware and cognizant of cost which we appreciate. She is clear with her contracts and willing to be flexible when necessary. She is a good communicator which makes planning much more efficient and she is responsible with her duties. Although food is not the main event at our retreat weekends (Personal Transformation Intensives), good food is important and much appreciated by staff and students. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs
cooking/menu planning on an individual or group level.”


…..”The kids LOVE your food & keep asking when we can have another of Chef Kirsten’s meals”


“Our family is LOVING your meal planning service. It’s so nice to have some new meal options that we wouldn’t have thought of – especially considering our family’s extensive list of food allergies. Thank you Chef Kirsten”!


“Chef Kirsten not only makes delectable dishes, she is also generous and kind, committed to serving the local community. I experienced the quality of both food and service at the “Enchanted Evening” which was a fully catered outdoor dinner for (25?). Kirsten had all the details in place from the beautifully decorated outdoor dining table, to the raffle, to the donation table which ready to receive donations for the local food bank. In addition, I was genuinely impressed by Kirsten’s display of warmth and graciousness throughout the entire evening – serving, making introductions, sharing stories that inspire, and even entertaining as she dished out the raffle prizes. There is a quote that talks about people not remembering so much what you did, but rather how you made you feel. From the way Kirsten served, to the way she said good-bye, she made me feel like she sincerely cared….and she did! Not only that, she has proven to be consistent in her approach in every personal encounter I’ve had with her since. I was honored to be invited to Mesa de Vida’s Enchanted Evening and would highly recommend Kirsten’s catering service to anyone who is busy and on the run….or who is simply looking for a delicious home cooked meal.”


“Kristen is an amazing Chef, I would highly recommend her services, she is brilliant with her recipes, the food is always terrific and having the meals prepared and ready to go gives me more time with my family! Thanks Kristen!”


“It is a pleasure to recommend Kirsten Helle’s services and products. She is one of the most sincere, hardest working individual’s I have ever had the pleasure to know. In and out of the of the kitchen, Kirsten conducts herself with the highest integrity and professionalism. The meals she cooks are properly balanced and proportioned accordingly. Her recipes are easy to follow and they taste just as good as if she would have cooked it herself. She is a very talented, passionate, successful person who displays excellence each and every day. She is a driven individual with innovative cooking ideas, excellent communication skills, and of high ethics. For these reasons, I have no hesitation on recommending Kirsten Helle.”


“I seem to fall into the same old boring routine with my meals and I think my family is ready to revolt. I tried your healthified pizza tonight and it was a big hit with everyone. My son, who is by far the pickiest eater that I know, ate it all and even commented on how good it tasted. :)”


“… the Mujadara was probably our family’s favorite meal yet! Everyone LOVED it 🙂 (and that hardly ever happens!)… my husband even said (and you’ll have to trust me that this is very high praise for him) that he thought that it was ground meat when he saw it, but wasn’t even disappointed when he tasted it & found that it wasn’t! lol.” – T.T. ~ This client has a large family with extensive allergies/intolerance’s and finding meals that everyone could enjoy together is my goal! I create my own recipes that fit your family’s needs perfectly!


“I can’t tell you how much more I’m enjoying your meals than eating frozen dinners and all the additives they include and it’s a huge help to me to not have to worry about where my next meal is coming from”.


“Yum! The Simply Placed – Professional Organizing and Productivity Consulting team loved the main dishes you catered for us at our party last night. I really appreciated the way you were able to listen to my preferences and special dietary requests and turn out such delicious options. Thank you Kirsten!”


“Just experienced our first week of your menus and we are in love with the meals! Thank you for your awesomeness that is definitely helping me in the kitchen. :o) Can’t wait to check my email tomorrow!”


“How does she make it taste so good with all this healthy stuff in it?”


“I’m happy to say I am enjoying the kitchen these days. Dinner time has gone from a frustrating chore to a relaxing learning experience. THANK YOU for your help!”


“We’ve been doing your menu plans for several weeks now and absolutely LOVE LOVE them! Thank you. I especially love that you have the grocery list prepared for each week. :)”

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